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About Us

Dedicated to safety, camping and FUN!
About Empower Camps


Empower Camps of Texas serves children and adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities by providing community integration, personalized recreational and educational experiences as well as health and wellness activities for children and adults. All activities and experiences are accessible and inclusive to all ability levels.



Children and adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities will participate in activities that were previously unavailable to them because of their disability. Some participants are confined to a wheelchair, others have limited use of arms and legs, and many have limited cognitive ability. However, we believe in each participant’s unique ability to grow, to learn, to make new friends, and to discover their best selves. We encourage our participants to embrace and learn new skills and have new experiences, all of which they will build upon and use every day. Through community integration, we focus on building friendships which last throughout the years and helping our participants learn how to cope with the dynamics of group situations.



  • Field trips to museums

  •  Educational programs

  • Day camps 

  • Overnight camps 

  • Volunteering in the community 

  • Classes/workshops on communication etiquette

  • Leadership and self advocacy

  • Activities to promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Leisure pursuits of creative/expressive arts (painting, drama, ballet, dance)

All activities are adapted so that everyone can participate.



As a special needs program, Empower Camps of Texas understands the need to individualize each participant’s program. Careful study is made of parent or caretaker input, Individualized Education Program, Person Directed Planning, participant interviews, etc., so that the interests and needs of each participant can best be determined prior to the offered activity. Empower Camps of Texas offers unique year round programs for children and adults with special needs with a full range of Educational and Recreational programs.

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