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Micah Marble


Founder, Empower Camps of Texas Executive Board President

Micah Marble is passionate about people, especially those with intellectual disabilities (IDD). She has professionally served and advocated for adults with IDD for more than 15 years. Micah has served in multiple roles and can be described predominantly as an advocate, an entrepreneur, a leader, and a coffee drinker (iced, please!). “We do what we want” is Micah’s personal motto, and her motto for her clients. After spending many years working with this demographic, Micah realized there was a void in the options for adults with IDD – they crave and deserve freedom, fun, and fellowship. She has made it her mission to bring programs to people that will enrich their lives…not just pass their time.


In 2019, Micah opened Empower, a day habilitation and pre-vocational center to adults with IDD. She spends her days pouring her energy, creativity, and leadership into her clients and staff at Empower. Her favorite thing about Empower is being in the position to advocate for her clients. Micah strives to enhance her clients lives by providing an inclusive, fun, and friendly environment to learn, play, and develop life skills. This fulfilling work led her to include even more people seeking adventure and friendship by founding a non-profit organization, Empower Camps of Texas, which provides camping and recreational activities for adults with IDD from all across the State.


Micah also serves in community leadership roles in her free time. She has been the Head of Delegation of a local Special Olympics team since 2005. Micah is an active member of the Providers Alliance for Community Services of Texas where she serves on the Education Committee planning educational content for upcoming conferences and workshops.  She earned a Master of Arts in Counseling in 2010 from Wayland Baptist University.

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